ATO transfer

Are you on a modular course and want to change your ATO?

How to change your ATO 

If you are currently in a modular ATPL training course, the Institut MERMOZ proposes :

  • To assist you in the change process with the DGAC
  • A personalised ATPL (A) training plan. You will only have to follow the courses regarding the “missing certificates”.
  • To allow you to keep the ATPL(A) certificates already obtained
  • A specific fee adapted to your training.

Conditions and Procedure for changing ATOs

  • You must be in a modular training program (holder of a PPL licence).
  • Request a quote at
  • You must provide us with the Institut MERMOZ registration form as well as your OCEANE details.
  • After reviewing your application, the Institut MERMOZ will offer you a personalised rate.
  • Depending on the progress of your training, you will have to follow the Initial course (Visio).

Do not hesitate to contact us at (+33) for more information. For integrated ATPL(A) training, our partner APA Training is at your disposal for any information request.


Other training ?

The Institut MERMOZ proposes to assist all pilot trainees (ATPL A/H, CPL A/H, IR, CBIR, PPL) but also cabin crews (CCA) to change ATO if they wish. We have always been keen to offer you a fair solution both in terms of training and prices. Positive feedbacks from trainees is our best reward. Each case being unique, please send your request to