Guarantee for success

Think smart, choose the Institut Mermoz for your future career!

The Institut MERMOZ is the n°1 school for distance learning. Our strong reputation is made of our students excellent feedbacks. They are based upon our courses quality, and the reputation of our education and administrative departments.

The benefits of distance learning.

You can register to the Institut MERMOZ all year long. Register today and start your training as of now. Distance learning will best suit your needs, whether you intend to complete your training in a short period of time, or over an 18 months period.

Study wherever you like by accessing our e-learning platform thanks to your online personal account.

The Institut MERMOZ is also unique by publishing its own ATPL training books, in the French and English languages. Available in paper or digital versions, they are edited by our best instructors to meet all necessary requirements.


Because we strongly believe in our training process, we are committed to registering you for free to one extra ATPL distance leaning program, in case you fail to pass your tests after completing a full period of training!*

* A new registration will be offered to any trainee that failed to pass its ATPL theoretical license, in case the following conditions are met:

  • The trainee was duly registered at the Institut Mermoz, and has obtained its training certification
  • The trainee is referenced under the “Failed” status, beyond the 18 months period, according to the DGAC standards.

A perfect way to learn

You’ll attend an “Initial training” course at the very beginning of your training, animated by specialised instructors. This is a real asset to perfectly start your training and get technical and educational tips.

You’ll be able to plan your actions according to your needs and your pace of work. Thus, you may quickly register to an exam session if you like.

In addition to the “Initial training”, you’ll get a permanent access to our online interface to perform e-learning sessions, to practice on our tailor-made exercises and MCQ tests, or to contact an instructor.

Pedagogic supervision

Our pedagogic supervision follows-up the 18 months training period. You may contact our instructors via e-mail whenever you like.

Our educational and commercial teams may also be contacted at any time.

A committed team of teachers and professionals  will be at your side from Monday to Friday, either by phone, e-mail, or directly at our offices in Rungis/Orly. They are all focused on a common goal: our trainees success !

All of our instructors (Airline pilot, weather expert, Air Law attorney…) are specialists in their area of activity, bringing their expertise and their knowledge.

Widely recognised for its expertise

With more than 60 years of experience, the Institut Mermoz has a strong reputation in the distance learning field. The Institut MERMOZ has already trained more than 45000 students and hosts a strong community on its social networks: Facebook, YouTube…

The Institut MERMOZ is one of ENAC’s partners, which allowed a collaboration to publish a series of ATPL training books in the English language. We also reached the AIRBUS certification.

Plus, several flying schools already use our training books as educational reference (ALAT, AIRBUS, IPSA, TUNISAIR, AEROFORMATION, ESMA, AEROPYRENEES, etc..)

Our customers’ satisfaction

The Institut MERMOZ reached the “Services certification” from BUREAU VERITAS VERISELECT, underlining its professionalism and our trainees satisfaction.

A professional network and a real know-how

By registering to the Institut MERMOZ, you’ll have the opportunity to be in touch with our partners.

A highly motivated community

Fellowship and mutual-aid are key factors to fulfill a distance learning program. The Institut MERMOZ created a powerful community that enables you to find answers to your questions, and to meet fellow students to discuss with. Come and join us!

Payment facilities

To fit the budget of each trainee, the Institut MERMOZ offers payment facilities so that anyone can carry-out a training.