New MERMOZ textbooks

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The Institut Mermoz is the n°1 school for distance and “on-site” training. The Institut Mermoz is also unique for publishing its own ATPL training books, in the French and English languages. Available in paper or digital versions, they are edited by our best instructors to meet all necessary requirements. The Institut Mermoz is one of ENAC and AIRBUS’ partners, which allowed a collaboration to publish a series of ATPL training books in the English language. These well recognised textbooks are used by various training schools (ENAC, AIRBUS, ASTONFLY, APA, EPAG NG, AERONPYRENEES, INSTITUT MERMOZ).

New EASA 2021 collection

The new ATPL / CPL (A / H), IR (A / H) and CB-IR (A) programs have been in effect at MERMOZ since December 2020. We have published a new collection for each training. These works comply with Lo’s 2018.

Digital textbooks

All of our textbooks are available in digital version. Download the free MERMOZ Course App on App Store and Google Play to find more.

These versions are enriched by digital contents such as videos, pictures, audio files and hyperlinks.

A perfect way to learn

Our textbooks follow the EASA requirements and contain all the learning objectives listed by the European Authority.

Frequent updates

Our textbooks are updated as soon as new programs come into force.

A well recognised expertise

The Institut MERMOZ benefits from a strong reputation thanks to more than 60 years of experience. More than 45000 trainees already carried out one of our programs, and our textbooks are used by thousands of pilots to be every year.


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