Auditing / Consulting

Other trainings

The Institut MERMOZ can rely on a pool of specialists in multiple domains of activity, among which are the Aircraft Operation and Human Performance fields.

We provide assistance and consulting missions for airlines and companies, in France and abroad.

Field of expertise

Our teachers and consultants are available for training courses in France or abroad.

Our pool of specialists is composed of:

  • Simulator instructors (Synthetic Flight Instructors – SFI) with multiple type ratings such as A320, A330, A340, B737, B747, B777 and others.
  • Safety instructors (Cabin Crew members continuing education)
  • First aid instructors (First aid training and use of a defibrillator)
  • SOSIE and TD12 certified recruiters
  • Instructors specialised in air law
  • Instructors in Human Factors, CRM and SGS
  • Instructors qualified in psychological risk management and addictions
  • instructors specialised in general English (TOEIC) and aeronautical English (FCL 055)



We may provide assistance and consulting in the recruitment process for Cabin Crew members and Pilots.

The Institut MERMOZ has a pool of experienced recruiters.

AIR FRANCE, AIR CARAIBES ATLANTIQUE, TRANSAVIA, TUNISAIR are among the airlines that trust our professionalism in their recruitment process.


For further details, please contact us using the link below.