EIR and CR-IR (A) textbooks

EIR / CB IR, Textbook for pilots
  •    EIR / CB-IR(A)

This textbook aims at preparing the theoretical part of the EIR et CB-IR(A) training. It is made of two volumes that cover all of the objectives provided by the official program. Our textbooks are in accordance with the 2018 official Lo’s. 

The authors are members of our community of instructors, that focused on a common goal : an optimum preparation for the exam.

Serge POUPARD is a former Air Traffic Controller. He’s an expert in Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots’ training, and worked at the French Civil Aviation University (ENAC) and at the Institut MERMOZ. 

Alain NGUYEN worked as an engineer in his early carrer, and has been working as a Technical Department manager for the Air France group for years. He’s a  very skilled instructor and is very popular among our students’ community.

Professor Henri MAROTTE is a Doctor of medicine. He’s the former head doctor of the European test flight center, and of the aerospace forensic laboratory. He’s considered as one of the leading experts in Europe about physiology.

Doctor Jean-Yves GRAU  is a Human Performance expert, and the former head doctor of the French army pilots department. He’s recognised as one of the leading experts on the psychological analysis of aircraft incidents, and on ergonomic matters.

Mouna DJAFFAR is a former French army radio-navigator and head of operations at the AIR FRANCE radiotelephony department. He’s been an Institut MERMOZ instructor for years, highly regarded for his professionalism and his kindness.

Daniel DUBUIS is a former AIR FRANCE pilot. He’s been an “amateur radio technician” for more than 40 years (callsign F6EPD). He used his best skills and experience to provide a very relevant analysis of the fly deck instruments and the radionavigation systems.

Nicolas CHAUMEL is an airline pilot. He’s one of the top experts about on-board automatisms. He’s a very skilled and well recognised instructor at the Institut MERMOZ.

Christian BEZANGER is a former meteorological engineer and AIR FRANCE Captain. He used his best technical skills and operational knowledge to contribute to this publication.

Gilles VOURIOT is a meteorological engineer. He’s a former French army weather forecaster, worked as a manager for “Aéroport de Paris” and is a former Institut MERMOZ instructor.


Serge POUPARD – Alain NGUYEN – Henri MAROTTE – Jean-Yves GRAU – Mouna DJAFFAR – Daniel DUBUIS – Nicolas CHAUMEL – Christian BEZANGER – Gilles VOURIOT