EIR / CB-IR(A) training


EIR : En route Instrument Rating

The privileges of the holder of an en route instrument rating (EIR) are to conduct flights by day under IFR in the en route phase of flight, with an aeroplane for which a class or type rating is held. It is the very first step towards the “complete” Instrument rating.

CB-IR(A) : Competency Based Training IR

This training is designed for pilots that already acquired an IFR experience. The practical training part is relatively short, and enables candidates to reach the “complete” Instrument Rating.

The EIR and CB-IR(A) theoretical trainings are both a 80 hours course. The theoretical certificate is valid for both trainings.

These specific trainings were created by the EASA as part of a process simplification and to enhance flight safety.

The training provided by the Institut MERMOZ only concerns the theoretical part of such ratings. A practical training is to be made at an aeroclub or a dedicated ATO.


The EIR / CB-IR(A) training program is composed of 7 courses:

  • 010 Air law
  • 022 Instrumentation
  • 033 Flight planning and monitoring
  • 040 Human performance
  • 050 Meteorology
  • 062 Radionavigation
  • 092 IFR Communication

The objective is to get the EIR or CB-IR(A) theoretical certificate.


Hold a valid PPL(A) or CPL(A)


6 trainees minimum, 24 trainees maximum for an initial training session.


The Institut MERMOZ provides a distance learning program that includes:

  • An “initial training” (1  day and a half) to be attended in Rungis/Orly or elsewhere in France upon request
  • Personal work on a two volumes textbook that covers all of the learning objectives of the official program
  • Personal work on our e-learning platform
  • 14 online evaluation tests
  • Access to our online MCQ tests database

The Initial training (1 day and a half) may be organised in your region upon request, provided the number of trainees is 6 or more.

  • 28th and 29th, February 2020 (Rungis)

Institut MERMOZ : Parc d’affaires ICADE
43 avenue Robert Schuman 94150 Rungis, FRANCE


For further details on our rates, please contact us at +33 1 46 86 81 00, or send an e-mail to pilot@institut-mermoz.com