FCL.055 D / FCL.055 IFR

English rating

The Institut MERMOZ provides training programs to prepare for the FCL055D (IFR) exam.

The FCL055D exam is the very first to be undertaken for any pilot wishing to travel abroad. It is, then, to be renewed according to the level reached (4, 5 or 6).

The FCL055B (IFR) is a FCL055D light version made for renewals.

A training made for IFR pilots

All pilots need to testify their English proficiency through a dedicated certificate. Pilots’ licenses shall mention such rating, which is to be kept valid all along the carrer.

The ICAO defined a proficiency rating scale that ranges from 1 to 6.

Level 1: Pre-elementary

Level 2: Elementary

Level 3: Pre-operational

Level 4: Operational

Level 5: Extended

Level 6: Expert


This training is a 5 days program (35 hours). Trainees are part of a small group (10 trainees maximum per group), and work with skilled Air Traffic Controllers.

The program is made of:

  • Simulated flights
  • Communication as part of a crew
  • Hands-on exercises and mock exams to prepare for the exam in best conditions (FCL.055 D or FCL.055B)

A shorter version of the training may be provided upon request (2 to 3 days).


The lowest mark amongst the two oral tests (simulated flight and active listening of communication recordings) will define the ICAO level.

Level 4 is granted whenever this mark is at least 10

Level 5 is granted whenever this mark is at least 14

Level 6 is granted whenever this mark is at least 18


More than 80 tests are available to prepare for the exam during the training. However, it is recommended to achieve personal work on the vocabulary, using the ” FCL.055D CD-ROM” before attending the training session.

Level 4 became the minimum required level in March 2008.


  • Level 4: 4 years
  • Level 5: 6 years
  • Level 6: No limit of validity

During the year preceding the end of exam validity, candidates may retake the exam while keeping the same date as a reference for the validity extension.


No specific condition


– From 2nd to 6th, December 2019
– From 6th to 10th, January 2020
– From 27th to 31st, January 2020
– From 17th to 21st, February 2020
– From 9th to 13th, March 2020
– From 30th to 3rd, April 2020
– From 20th to 24th, April 2020

– From 11th to 15th, May 2020

– From 8th to 12th, June 2020

– From 29th June to 3rd July 2020


10 trainees maximum per group


5 days training / 7 hours per day


Institut MERMOZ : Parc d’affaires ICADE
43 avenue Robert Schuman 94150 Rungis FRANCE


ATA.COM : 50 Rue de plaisance 75014 PARIS FRANCE


For further details about our rates, please contact us at + or send an e-mail to pilot@institut-mermoz.com