Human performance

ATPL, CPL, Textbook for pilots

The concept of human performance has been popular for the last 30 years in the aeronautical field. It became one of the key factors in the incident and accident investigations.

This textbook is made of two different parts:

  • A medical part (physiology)
  • A psychological part

The first one was edited by Professor Henri MAROTTE, doctor of medicine. Pr MAROTTE is the former head doctor of the European test flight center, and of the aerospace forensic laboratory. He’s considered as one of the leading experts in Europe about physiology.

The second part was written out by MR Jean-Yves GRAU. Mr GRAU is a Human Performance expert, and the former head doctor of the French army pilots department. He’s recognised as one of the leading experts on the psychological analysis of aircraft incidents, and on ergonomic matters.


Dr Henri MAROTTE – Dr Jean-Yves GRAU

  • ATPL
  • CPL