IFR/VFR ATPL(H) – Distance learning


New EASA programs including the “100 KSA” module.

The ATPL(H) distance learning program is composed of:

  • A two weeks Initial training module to be made in our premises at Rungis/Orly.
  • Personal work based on 14 textbooks (printed or digital version)
  • Personal work based on our educational ressources
  • 49 tests to be made on our e-learning platform
  • A series of MCQ tests to prepare for the exam in best conditions

You may perform an IFR ATPL(H) training or a VFR ATPL(H) training. A VFR ATPL(H) is only to be completed with a practical CPL(H).

You are also provided with a personalised follow-up all along the program that enables you to ask questions to a dedicated pool of instructors.

Since 2018, the success rate in the DGAC exams is 100%.


The objective is to pass the 13 IFR ATPL(H) theoretical exams, or the 13 VFR ATPL(H) theoretical exams.

New 100 KSA certificate :

The new 2020 program includes the « 100 KSA » module, that aims at working on the « core competencies » required for pilots.

This brand new module is made of three parts :

  • Group tests :

Trainees have to work as part of a group on specific scenarios where « core competencies » are assessed.  The objective is to evaluate and support them, focusing on strengths and weaknesses. Three group evaluations are made.

  • Initial assessment :

As part of a group, trainees have to work on a non-aeronautical situation. An interim evaluation is made to monitor their progress. A final evaluation is made in the form of a simulated flight.

  • Introduction to mental arithmetic techniques:

The objective of this part is to develop calculation skills, and to introduce mental calculation techniques.

This brand new « 100 KSA » module has been developped by the Institut MERMOZ to help trainees improving their “non-technical” skills and to understand the airline selection process.

New / Rendez-vous du mois: The Institut MERMOZ includes a monthly webinar in your training. This webinar is accessible on registration, limited to 30 places. It will allow you to deepen your knowledge on a given topic. You will regularly receive the webinar schedule by email.


The IFR ATPL(H) training program is composed of 14 courses, while the VFR ATPL(H) is made of 13:

  • 010 Air law
  • 021 Aircraft general knowledge (Airframe and systems, electricity, power plant, emergency equipment)
  • 022 Instrumentation
  • 031 Mass and balance
  • 033 Flight planning and monitoring
  • 034 Helicopter performance
  • 040 Human performance
  • 050 Meteorology
  • 061 Navigation
  • 062 Radionavigation
  • 070 Operational procedures
  • 082 Principles of flight (H)
  • 090 Communication
  • 100 KSA
  • 18 years old minimum at the time the license is granted.
  • Hold a valid PPL(H)
  • Good level of knowledge in physics and mathematics (an evaluation test may be carried out at the beginning of the program, depending on the education level. A technical or scientific baccalauréat is required)
  • Class 1 medical fitness

The test is not eliminatory. It is just a way to ensure the candidate has the level of knowledge that is necessary to carry out this training. In case a candidate fails to pass the exam, a specific training is proposed to reach success.


It is mandatory that trainees follows-up the full training program to be able to undertake the official DGAC exams.

Trainees must attend the full Initial Training module and have to undertake remote tests so their knowledge can be checked all along the program.

Permission to undertake the official DGAC exams will be provided by the Institut MERMOZ head teacher according to the results to the remote tests.

    • February 21 to March 4, 2022 (Visio)
    • June 13 to June 24, 2022 (Visio)
    • September 19 to September 30, 2022

The number of trainees is limited to 32 per training session.


The 2 weeks Initial Training is to be made at the Institut MERMOZ premises :
43 avenue Robert Schuman 94150 Rungis FRANCE,

Or remote training


18 months maximum