PPL (A/H) and LAPL (A/H) – E-learning

Aeroplanes, Helicopters

Our PPL (A/H) and LAPL (A/H) e-learning training is approved by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) and has already been chosen by more than 350 aeroclubs and 4300 trainees!

Find-out more on our online platform: www.ppl-theorique.com


Prepare yourself in the best conditions to obtain your theoretical PPL!


According to your pace / 24 months maximum


No specific condition.

However, we recommend that you choose your aeroclub/ATO beforehand, so that the head of training can ensure the follow-up of your theoretical PPL program on our platform.


No limit



To get the Private Pilot Theoretical License (PPL or LAPL) Aeroplane or Helicopter, the Institut MERMOZ offers you to follow the PPL e-learning training in partnership with your aeroclub or partner flying school.

At the time of registration, when choosing your aeroclub or flying school, you will be able to access the e-learning training program that includes:

– More than 130 lessons composed of:


– MCQ training in each of the 13 subjects of the program.

Your aeroclub or flying school will have to provide you, in addition, with a compulsory 10-hour training course.

We also provide a 2 weeks theoretical PPL training program


Training to be carried out in e-learning. Please note that you will have to do a compulsory training course in your aeroclub/ATO. Ask your flying club/ATO for more information.


The Institut MERMOZ puts its educational means at the disposal of training organisations (ATO or OD) free of charge. Trainees may register on our online shop to be able to access the entire training program that includes:

More than 130 courses composed of:

  • A 10 to 15min learning module
  • A course summary (Printable PDF)
  • A 3 questions “quizz”

MCQ training in each of the 13 subjects of the program.

Your duties:

  • The educational manager is responsible for his trainee.
  • The pedagogical manager, like the instructor, can follow the progress of the trainee’s theoretical training on the Institut MERMOZ’ online training platform.
  • The training organisation organizes the “on-site” training course (10 hours).
  • The tutoring (or remote tutoring) of the trainee is to be carried out by a designated instructor
  • The educational manager authorises his trainee to take the tests and signs the “end of training certificate” (downloadable on our platform).
  • The validity of the Institut MERMOZ’ certificate is a guarantee for the training organizations (ATO or OD) regarding the DGAC requirements.

Please contact us via e-mail for further details.


Please contact us for further details or check www.ppl-theorique.com


The theoretical PPL program is composed of 2 tests:

  • Common test:
    • Air Law
    • Human performance
    • Meteorology
    • VFR communication
  • Specific test
    • Principles of flight
    • Operational procedures
    • Mass and balance
    • Aircraft performance
    • Flight planning and monitoring
    • Airframe and systems, electricity, power-plant
    • Instrumentation
    • General navigation
    • Radionavigation

The program was designed for airplanes and helicopters, each of which having its own specificities.