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In order to ensure a very high level of safety for all air navigation service players (airline operators, aircraft maintenance companies, ground assistance companies, air traffic control service providers…), the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) requires the implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS)

Conditions for admission
  • 18 years old or more
  • French citizen or citizen of a EU Member State
  • Baccalauréat level or equivalent
  • Good level of English
  • Clean criminal record

In order to implement a Safety Management System, a company has to:

  1. Define a policy of Safety management with precise objectives;
  2. Manage safety-related risks and other associated risks effectively, taking into account all potential dangers, and implementing appropriate action plans;
  3. To ensure a high level of safety, which includes safety performance monitoring, as a constant basis or whenever operational modifications are made;
  4. Implement safety linked training programs for staff members to promote safety within the company. Ensure that a relevant communication strategy is made regarding SMS objectives and results.
Directors and proximity management training programs

Educational objective: Directors and managers shall understand, in full consciousness, the SMS challenges and their responsibility in defining and implementing an efficient safety policy.

Training contents

  • SMS and safety plans
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Safety management principles
  • Safety policy and objectives within a company
  • Management responsibility :
    • Ressource allocation
    • SMS functional organisation,
    • SMS duties,
    • Training programs,
    • SMS implementation
  • Safety culture and “just culture” within the company
Training for SMS and quality management staff

Educational objective: The objective of this training program is to enable SMS and quality management staff to properly handle the implementation and monitoring of a Safety Management System.

Prerequisites: Trainees attending the training module number 2 shall have attended the training module number 1 first.

Training contents:

  • Human performance principles

    • Errors and violations
    • Human capabilities and limits,
    • Collective work,
    • Comprehension and decision making
    • Workload,
    • Time pressure
    • Work schedules and fatigue.
  • Risk management methodology :
    • Hazard identification (System description, tasks analysis, operational observations, taxonomy),
    • Risk assessment (principles and methodology),
    • Risk mapping system,
    • Risk control (principles, ALARP, models – SHELL, 5M, control loops),
    • Hands-on exercises.
  • Safety monitoring methodology :
    • Safety assessment and indicators
    • Safety data (reporting system, reports, audits ,analysis, polls, etc)
    • Safety control management,
    • Feedback culture,
    • Management of change,
    • Safety continuous improvement,
    • Hans-on exercises.
  • Event analysis and investigation methods (identification of the root causes)

    • 5M
    • Fishbone diagram,
    • Cause tree,
    • Reason’s model,
    • Post-event interview method,
    • Hands-on exercises.
  • Training and communication programs
Front-line personals training

Educational objective: The objective of this training program is to enable front-line personals to clearly asses the SMS issues among a company. They shall be able to understand how SMS fit into the company strategy, and the role they have to play.

Training contents:

  • SMS and safety plans
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Safety management principles
  • Safety policy and objectives within a company
  • Front-line personals’ contribution to the SMS.

This program may be amended according to the company’s needs.

Remark: The Institut MERMOZ may train in-house trainers, for them to teach the SMS module 3 course. This specific program requires two extra days, one of which is dedicated to SMS matters, the other for operational exercises.

  • Module 1: 1 day
  • Module 2: 5 days
  • Module 3: 1/2 day

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This implementation requirement is part of the State Safety Plan (PSE) which was communicated to operators in February 1st 2008.

Implementation was to be made by all concerned players before January 1st 2012, according to the Decree published on December 22nd 2008.

A SMS is a structured approach to safety management, responsibilities, policies and organisational procedures. It firstly aims at enhancing safety between all stakeholders and at providing decision makers with relevant safety linked information.

Beyond all regulatory aspects, SMS takes into account all daily practices to enhance risk management.